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Information Technology Law

Data Protection

Information is defined as the data that has been organized and communicated in a coherent and meaningful manner. Today most of the information is stored in the computers and most of the data or information is in electronic form. Information so stored includes financial details, business information, customer details, personal details, health information and other sensitive information. It is necessary to protect such information and to prevent its misuse.

Globalization has resulted in the emergence of outsourcing, due to which data with regard to a particular project or venture is exchanged between business entities. Data protection is not only mandatory for activities over the internet, but is also a necessity. Several legislation make it mandatory that such information exchanged between parties be stored in a particular manner so as to ensure its security. Failure to protect the data can have severe consequences from the legal perspective and from the perspective of the brand value of the company.

In order to secure such data entities should have data protection policies. Data protection policy can be referred to as the set of policies, procedures which aim to protect and secure the data stored in company databases. Legal issues regarding data protection are complex and need the expertise of an attorney specialized in the domain of data protection.

Attorneys would be better equipped to provide innovative and practical solutions suitable to the needs of the company helping them achieve their business objectives by managing the legal risks, achieving compliance with data protection and privacy laws. At Biz & Legis we have drafted data protection policies for business entities and we have the experience in dealing with such matters.