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Intellectual Property Law


Competition today is increasing day by day and if you have to stay ahead of competition then you need to have something which gives you an edge over others. Intellectual property rights are a set of rights which could grant you that edge over your competition. Design is one such kind of an intellectual property.

Regarding designs different countries have their own respective legislations. These legislations specify the conditions under which protection would be granted to the designs respectively. It protects the visual designs of the objects and not the utilitarian aspect.

Design rights protect the way a product or a machine looks it does not protect the utility aspect of the same. Countries all over the world have legislation to protect the design aspect. In US, to protect the designs one can file for design patent, in European Union there are registered and unregistered designs and protection is granted to both and in India protection is granted to industrial designs after registration, in Canada protection is granted to only to designs which are registered and unregistered designs are not granted any protection. Different countries have different laws which govern designs, some grant protection to registered designs and some grant protection to unregistered designs.

Our practice group in IP is well versed with the Design laws applicable in different countries and it is for the same reason we can provide you more effective services with regard to designs.

The services offered by us in the sphere of designs are:

  • Advisory opinion for better protection of your designs.
  • Design registration services.
  • Formulate the legal strategy in case of design infringement.
  • Litigation support services.

Our team works round the clock so as to ensure that your rights are secured and not infringed with. With Biz & Legis you can be assured be assured that your design rights are secure.