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Law Service


Litigation is one of the modes of resolving disputes. Usually the party aggrieved by the actions of another initiates the legal proceedings before the court of law by filing a complaint. The remedy sought for is also specified in the complaint. After this the other party is to file his response, arguments are to be presented by both sides (Plaintiff and Defendant). After this the final and the most important task is to be performed by a Judge. A judge has to refer to the law, analyze the facts, determine if there has been a violation of law, analyse the arguments raised by both parties in mind and determine as to whether the remedy requested for is required or not. After the detailed analysis the judge passes a decision and this marks the end of the litigation. But it is not so always, as simple as it sounds litigation in reality is complex and time consuming.

The parties to a dispute could be individuals or could be companies, there is no fixed rule in this regard and it varies from case to case. It is not necessary that an individual or a living person can only initiate a case, but a juristic person like a company can also initiate a case in the court of law. Litigation is a mode of dispute resolution and opted by many. Litigation gives both the parties to a dispute a chance to present their stand, to present their respective supporting legal arguments and other documents which could prove their side of the story. The different services offered by us in this regard include:
a. Civil Litigation
In civil litigation the parties at dispute usually seek relief in the form of money damages or for specific performance. Civil litigation includes the matters related to Landlord tenant, Consumer laws, Landlord / Tenant, Environmental law, Intellectual property law, Labour laws etc.
b. Criminal Litigation
In Criminal litigation the person would be tried for criminal wrong. The rules governing criminal litigation are different from those governing civil litigation.
c. Corporate Litigation
Corporate litigation is referred to as the litigation issues of a company. It could be related to any contracts so entered by the company, or any dispute with regard to the joint venture or related to mergers & acquisitions.
d. IPR litigation
IPR litigation is the litigation instituted after there has been an infringement of your rights granted under the intellectual property.

Our Litigation team has the experience and the knowledge to deal with cases of all kinds and our satisfied list of clientele is the clear evidence of this.