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Intellectual Property Law

Patent Legal Service

Patent is an important weapon in your armor to stay ahead of your competition. The importance of patent is growing day by day and in each industrial sector. Patent is the grant of intellectual property right over a person's invention. The complete patent system is designed to encourage inventions which are useful for the society. It grants the inventor an exclusive right to use his invention and earn profits from the same. But then every invention is not patentable, an invention has to have certain essentials in order to qualify as a patentable invention. It is therefore essential to ensure that your invention has all the essentials of a patentable invention.

Patent process technically starts with an invention, performing a patent search and having an idea whether the invention has already been patented or is likely to get patent protection is the next step. After patent search the next step is to determine the kind of patent application which is to be filed.

It is better to employ the services of Patent Professionals in order to apply for a Patent, because it requires a deep understanding of the basics of patent law as only then could a person determine as to what kind of patent is to be applied for, whether the invention is novel and non obvious etc. At Biz & Legis we have a team of attorney's with ample amount of experience in the area of patents and are well qualified and well equipped to handle all your concerns regarding Patent.

The services offered by us in this field include:

  • Patent Assessment Report
  • Patent Search Report
  • Drafting Patent Application
  • Prepare patent illustrations

We have ready access to comprehensive databases of scientific, technological and other patent related information. Our team has sufficient knowledge in the technical and scientific areas and the same helps us in providing effective patent services.