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Information Technology Law


Technology has made things simpler and the same has helped mankind in many ways but then this technology has a few disadvantages associated with it too. With time we are now more and more dependent on technology and this growth has increased our dependence on computers and other IT enables services. The day of hard copies is gone now it is the era of soft copies, paper documents would soon be ancient history as they are getting replaced by documents stored on servers and computers. Your personal information, details about your bank accounts and many such similar statements are all stored in the virtual world. But then is the information so stored secured in any way? Well in many cases it is and in many cases it is not.

Due to the growth in technology and other IT enabled services it is now more complicated to store data and data security is under constant threat. Due to emergence of instances in breach of privacy many countries all over the world have formulated rules and regulations governing this aspect. These rules make it mandatory for entities handling such private information to take some measures in order to avoid any kind of breach of the data so stored.

These laws impose certain obligation on the entities which are storing and dealing with such sensitive information and in this regard we offer the following services:

  • Detailed report on the applicable rules and regulations governing the business entity with regard to privacy law,
  • Advisory opinion on the measures to be taken to ensure data safety by such entities,
  • Audit to ensure that the entity is in compliance with applicable laws,
  • Draft legal documents and policy statements to ensure that the data is stored in a secured manner,
  • Prepare Litigation StrategyProvide Litigation Support and other related services.

We understand the importance of your right to privacy and our services in this regard are purely provided with an intention to ensure that you are in complete compliance with the applicable privacy laws and regulations.