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Change in land registration stamp duty in Kerala

Dear Investor,

This budget gives you a relief in stamp duty, in you land registration cost in Kerala. As you know the stamp duty for land registration in Kerala was as follows; If the land situated in “Panchayath Area” the stamp duty was 7%, in the Muncipal Area 8% and in the Corporation Area 9%. Hope you are aware of the fact the in addition to this there shall be a registration Fees payable to Government @ 2% irrespective of the locality.

Thanks to the Finance Minister. He has proposed to reduce the stamp duty for registration by 2%. Thus in the Panchayath locality it would be 5%, Muncipal Area it would be 6% and in the Corporation area it would be 7%. Indeed this is a great relief for the investors.

However, the registration Fees of 2% shall remain unchanged.

The Stamp Duty and the Registration Fees shall be calculated based on the Fair Value fixed by Kerala Government.

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