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How to Register a land in Kerala

According to the Indian registration act of 1908, in Kerala all documents pertaining to transfer of immovable property of gift or lease (one year lease) have to be registered. This document must be prepared by a competent person who can be a lawyer or any other licensed document writer. The sub registrar is the competent authority for Kerala land registration. All supporting documents will have to be presented before him.  After all the legal formalities have been completed, the deed will be prepared on a stamp paper.  The stamp paper should be in par with the value of the property which is transferred. Stamp paper should be in the name of the purchaser.  The transfer or should be present in the office of the sub registrar at the time of transfer of property. The registration fee will also have to be paid. The identity of seller, buyer and the witnesses may also be checked.

It is important to value the land correctly as the requisite stamp duty will be a condition precedent for registration. The sub registrar may reject the registration if there is inadequate payment of stamp duty.

The documents have to be drafted properly and also there should be proper knowledge of administrative orders for proper registration.

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