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Land or Property Registration Procedure in Kerala

What is the procedure for registration of a landed property in Kerala ?

Registration of a Property can be done through different types of documents based on the nature of transaction. It can be Sale Deed, Partition Deed, Gift Deed, Exchange Deed, Settlement Deed, Assignment Deed, Release Deed, Mortgage Deed, Lease Deed, License Deed etc. The legal and cost implications in each type of deed are different.

Once the legal verification is completed and all the required documents are procured, the Deed may be drafted with the help of a competent attorney. Thereafter stamp paper for sufficient value with respect to the value of the property to be purchased from the government stamp depot or official stamp vendor. Remember to purchase the stamp paper in the name of the purchaser.

Land registration in Kerala procedure

There is a prescribed and required format for drafting each kind of Deed. The Deed in original along with all the required documents and forms to be presented before the Sub-Registrar. This will be done by your attorney’s office.

The sub-Registrar after verification and comparison shall check if you have paid sufficient stamp duty. On being satisfied with the formalities and the stamp duty, the Registrar shall verify the identity of the Seller and the witnesses. If the buyer is present, his identity also would be checked.

Thereafter you will be asked to pay the Registration Fees.

In fact there is no need to pay any amount than the statutorily fixed amount for registration. Any unwanted practices of gifts and bribes in the Sub-Registrar’s office is to be strictly discouraged. Just call us for knowing and getting Land registration in Kerala procedure.