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Land Utilization Order- 1967

Land Utilization Order

The Kerala Land Utilization Order was promulgated in the year 1958 and it was later amended in the year 1967. This Order was framed at a time when India was facing food grain deficits and then there were some restrictions on inter State movement of food grain. The Order vests district collectors with powers to enforce cultivation of food crops.

As per the Order if the government is satisfied that there is any need to increase the food production in any particular area, then by a gazette notification the District Collector can direct holders to land to cultivate their land with paddy or any other kind of crop particular kind of crop for a certain specific period of time. Such direction would further include the time period for which the lad holder has to carry out the cultivation. Such notice has to be delivered to the holder of the land. Even after such a notification if the holder of the land still not does start such cultivation then the District Collector is empowered to either auction off such land or the right to cultivate on such land for a certain period of time.

The Order further states that if the holder of the land was cultivating a particular kind of crop for a continuous period of three years then the same crop shall be cultivated on such land in the coming years and no attempts to grow or cultivate any other kind of crop shall be made by such holder of the land.

The Order further provides that after every sale or auction under this Order if the new purchaser fails to cultivate the land then District Collector is empowered to terminate the rights of the new purchaser. The District Collector can further take steps to arrange for cultivation of the land under some conditions.

If any party is aggrieved by any order of the District Collector then they have been granted the right to file an appeal before the Board of Revenue from any such order.

All orders issued under the Kerala Land Utilization Order have become inoperative after Kerala Conversion of Paddy and Wet Land Act, 2008 came into force.