Business Trademark Registration

Registering a business or procuring a license to run your business does not automatically grant you protection for your business name. For example, after months of planning, and frantically running everywhere to get your hands on capital, stock and proper furnishing you start your business under “abc proprietors”. With your devoted attention and whole hearted efforts you build up your business within a few years. But when you are ready to demand goodwill in the market, you are startled to find another business with the same business name “abc proprietors” running alongside you or in another locality. What would you do? You waste your precious time; energy and money which you could have put into more fruitful work on verbal arguments with your competitor or engage an expensive lawyer to do that for you.

Business Trademark Registration to avoid legal battles

Why take the risk? Simply registering your business does not grant you any proprietary rights on your business name. Competition would intensify after you start prospering. So armor yourself with trademark registration to protect you from unnecessary, time consuming and expensive legal battles.

Registering your business name alongside when you procure a license would grant you added advantage of planning beforehand years of expansion. Trademark search would protect you from unexpected surprises of finding another equally developed business with the same trade name.

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