How to choose a Trademark

how to choose a trademarkhow to choose a trademark

The important step¬† of every business is their brand name, there are lot of discussions about how to choose a trademark, Trademark is usually regarded as a visual symbol a design, emblem, picture emblem or logo which is used by a particular company to make their products distinct from similar products made by other companies. We can’t trademark a symbol or a design of other companies, that will affect our companies reputation.

Keep this in mind while choosing a Trademark

Do we remember anything which is hard or difficult for us? Absolutely no. So the trademark should be very easy to remember.

A Repetition? A trademark should make itself distinct from the similar trademarks.

What about a geographical name? We do not have right over a geographical area.

Image on hearing the name. The trade marks should be such that we should have an idea about its image or structure on hearing its name or seeing the logo.

The trademark should not create confusion in the mind of public and it should be in public interest.

A trademark that have no relation to your company or company product is very bad, many companies have logo that has no relation to their product or brand, your trademark should attractive to your consumers. So make sure that our trademark is meaningful and related to our business.

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