How to do a trademark search


Have you ever thought that you will be known for your trade mark? Doing business of your entire product under a particular mark? But how will one know it’s already existing, or your mark is used by some else, etc. For that you have to determine first about your trademark and a trademark search helps in that.

An appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique trademark will always add on to the goodwill of the company. When your trademark brings goodwill to you it shows the support of millions of people and their trust in you. Here comes importance of making your own innovative trade mark and for that you need to do a trademark search. The search facility helps in getting information of availability of certain trademark and the registration criteria under various local laws making you sure that your trade mark is distinctive and diluted.


The comprehensive search method help you to identify that the proposed trademark name or logo you want to trade is already in use and can it be protected under trademark registration. Also helps in getting an overview of similar trademark to know whether your mark will infringe another’s right .a “full” or “comprehensive” search that will cover additional commercial and marketplace resources, such as the
Business/trade name, databases, Trade directory databases, Domain name register searches, The Internet, including databases such as (,,,, and social networking websites), Telephone directory databases, Financial status checks; and/or ,Discreet market investigations .such advance search gives you confidence in your trademark and protective use for the same.

Certain factors are to be noted while doing trademark search which includes the nature of the trademark which includes word, a logo, in stylized script, or a combination of features.
To see that the meaning of a trademark and, if relevant, its translation into a local language. It is important to consider if the trademark has any adverse meaning in the local language or if the translation might constitute a term that is generic, descriptive, non descriptive, or deceptively mis descriptive and if the mark includes an acronym, what the acronym stands for are all relevant thing to be noted in to have an effective search.

To have a rare trademark to be available for use and registration in all countries of interest for all the goods and services intended to be used in commerce. At times, an alternative trademark will be required in some countries. A trademark professional will be able to assist with the trademark search and for the choice and clearance of a trademark to ensure that strategic and commercial objectives are reached.

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