How long does trademark registration last

How long does trademark registration will last

how long does trademark registration last

A trademark registration can last for an unlimited term if the owner continues to use the mark to identify the goods or services.

The usual term of a federal trademark registration is ten years. However, the registration can be kept alive by following certain terms of renewal. Between the fifth and sixth year after the date of the first trademark registration, the owner must file an affidavit and by paying an added fee to keep the registration alive. The registration gets cancelled if the owner misses to file an affidavit. However, the owner gets a grace period of six months to file an affidavit after the completion of sixth or tenth year, by paying an extra fee. You can read more on how long does trademark registration last or you can know more from from WIPO.

Protect the distinctive sign representing your business because it’s legal protection and ownership is very important for your business and trade. Your sign functions as indicating factor for your goods and services. Use proudly your trademark with your goods and services after registering it. Because your trademark is your identity and it differentiate your good from other providers and competitors.