Trademark data base

It is a database maintained by US Patent and Trademarks office which beholds all the detailed lists of the trademark registered in the US office. This database is made public/online for the people to carry out a trademark search before they apply for trademark registration.  (Although it is not always necessary to search in the database before trademark registration, but it is wise to take a search in the database before you apply for the registration). Online directory, Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) which provides texts and images of the registered trademarks in the USPTO is of great use when you are registering for trademarks.  The trademarks search is open for the public in USPTO in which the public can search for the database. This search is usually carried out by the private agencies for a nominal fee.

Points to be remembered

  • This is a soul process in the registration of trademark.
  • Searching the database before hand helps you to design your TM in a unique way. Or else you will have to make modification to the item you are registering for trade mark.
  • One must also understand that only marks which are ‘alive’ must be taken into account and those marks which is ‘not in use’ has nothing to do with the new registration.
  • Trademark is the face value of your business so creating it with uniqueness can only be achieved through an effective search of trademarks registered.

Assignments on the web: (AOTW) – this is the collection of the recorded trademark assignment. This database is also available for the public search in USPTO

Design Search Code:

This type of search is carried out only when there is an involvement of any designs in the registration of trademark.

Methods for searching in Trademark data base

TESS database provides certain tips for the online users to checklist.

  • Select basic word mark search if you are a new user
  • Select Word and/or Design Mark Search if you are searching for both word and design or either of this.
  • Select Word and/ or Design mark Search if you opt for multiple search fields.
  • Select Browse dictionary if you like to limit your search to particular field/or you can search for all fields if you require.

You can select OG Publication date for searching official Gazette for registered marks.