Trademark Registration Procedure in India

What is online trademark registration Procedure in India ?

Trademark registration can be done in many modes, such as filing the application in person to the registry, filing Trademark application by online.

Filing online application is one of the fastest and transparent methods. The initial procedure for filing online Trademark application starts with TRADEMARK SEARCH.

It is necessary and advisable to conduct a Trademark search in the relevant class to make sure that there is no similar or identical mark already registered or application being submitted for registration.

Filing of an application by a person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark in the office of the Trademark registry, within the territorial limits of the place of business at India.

Trademark Registration Procedure in India

The registry examines the application to check whether there is any conflict with the existing marks and for which the examination report will be issued. if there is any likelihood of conflict an objection letter will be issued if there is no objection  the mark will be advertised in Trademark Journal.For every objection a reply should be given with evidence of usage.

The mark on being advertised in Trademark journal it is open to opposition by any aggrieved party. if the opposition has been heard in favor of the applicant then the mark will be registered. On registration the Registrar will issue a Trademark registered Certificate which is valid for a period of 10 years. Just call out trademark attorneys for getting more details on Trademark Registration Procedure in India.