A blanket cover on Paris and Prince Michael

Pop star Michael Jackson’s family seeking ban on paternity test of the three children Prince Michael (16),Paris (15) and Blanket (11). The whole family fears that it would give a wrong impact of Mj’s children in the society and may have an ill effect of the whole prestigious family too.

Michael Jackson’s family allege that it is the AEG live which is trying to question the paternity of the all the three child so that it becomes the ‘locus standi’ problem for these child to ask for compensation regarding the 2009 issue.

The question which arises in our mind after hearing such a controversy is:

  • What if all the three children are not biological sons of Michael Jackson.
  • What if only one son among the three is the Biological son of Michael Jackson.

If the first is true then all the three sons have the equal right to be compensated by ‘AEG live’.

If the second statement comes to be true then it will be a soul right of a single son to claim the whole compensation.

We are not here to prejudge the court but one must keep in mind that the results of paternity test may cause a greater effect both positively as well as negatively; on my point of view this is totally a mishap caused by the legal representatives of  ‘AEG live’ (a concert giant in US) which has signed Michael Jackson for about 50 farewell gigs on 2009 is allegedly taking up the paternity issue of the above mentioned children of Jackson considering the fact that the all the three children of the Michael Jackson are still teen aged; this may affect the children mentally  if the results are negative. Their position in the present society becomes a big question mark. It is also worth noting that countries like France have upheld the ban on paternity test. The main objectives behind could be considering the mental state of the child and its position in the society after such tests. Moreover it would not be just to question the paternity of a child who is not mentally prepared to undergo such a test. In the present case it makes the population in large to exclaim that after almost 4 years of Michael Jackson’s death this kind of controversy is raised in public forum. If AEG feels that Michael Jackson is not the biological father, this could have been raised at the time of filing the suit, why such long delay? Is the question which remains unanswered still. Let’s wait for court’s verdict.

2nd year BBA LLB student,
Symbiosis Law School,
Legal Intern at Biz and Legis.
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