A federal judge takes on copyright trolls


copyright-protectionEver since the dawn of human civilization, laws were made to protect the interests of the people but it is a common feature among humans to bypass the laws to protect their vested interests at the cost of the other. The illicit business model of Prenda law Inc. which was exposed the US district court judge Otis. D. Wright bears testimony to the above said fact. Prenda law Inc which has copyrights to movies, music and other creative works scared the web users, using their creative works with the threat of lawsuits alleging piracy. The threat would be to brag a nuisance value check from the web users. The people usually get succumbed to the threats considering huge damages they would be liable to pay and in order to wriggle out from the court proceedings. Prendas mode of operation was to collect the internet identification numbers of the users and tracing out the owners of the IP number in order to extract money using the threat of law suit and thus making business out of it.

According to the words of the court the model practiced by Prenda is an extortion scheme which was named by the honorable judge as copyright troll. The most pathetic part of the story is that this heinous crime is being committed by a law firm whose primary duty is to aid the administration of justice. When the question of legal strategy is put forth by the to the plaintiff, instead of answering the question the plaintiff invoked the right against self incrimination. This amply portraits the loopholes in the legal system. Here, the plaintiff could conceal the crime with the shield of self incrimination. In fact prenda was not the first to open the chapter of copyright trolling industry association of America used to threaten college students for using their materials but they could not succeed and had to backtrack due to public pressure.

Hence, it is high time that lawmakers should evolve a strategy to make a balance between copyright protection and copyright trolls.

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