Is Apple infringing Virnetx’s IP rights ?

apple patent infringement protectionUS International Trade Commission stated that they are going to initiate an investigation on behalf of VirnetX, a Security Software company on the charges laid against Apple for infringement of Intellectual Property with regards to its products.

A complaint was filed by VirnetX last month alleging that Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and Mac were infringing into its patent which covers a secure connection between the two computers over a network. It is also stated that VirnetX aims of halting the amount of Apple products that flow into the U.S Market by means of proper licensing and settlement deal. This is definitely not the first time that Apple is faced with such a situation. Charges were brought against them by a company, Unwired Planet for infringing into their Intellectual Property Rights.

However this is not the very first VirnetX is facing with problems. In year 2007 and 2010, cases were initiated against Microsoft for infringing into their Private Network Technology and a compensation of $105Million was received for the same.

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