Apple loses again

apple nameApple’s iPhone once again loses in a legal trademark battle. This time with a Mexican Telecommunications Firm named ‘iFone’. The Mexican firm had released its phone 4 years before iPhone was introduced in the Mexican Market which was in the year 2007.

The case had begun in the year 2009 when iFone had sued iPhone when it was realized that the similar sounding names (iPhone and iFone) had caused confusions among the consumers worldwide.

This is the third time Apple had lost to iFone and hence iFone is now within its full right to market its brand. This battle once again proves Apple to be the only tech Company so far to face the most number of trials with regard to its services and trade mark. The final suit with iFone would force Apple to pay a potential compensation to iFone though the amount of compensation is yet to be fixed.

Nissy Ann Mathews,
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