Apple’s fight for its patent rights

apple patent caseThe ongoing battle between VirnetX Vs. Apple came to end when apple was granted US patent for its first generation ipad , which apple had introduced to the public three years ago. Virnetx had stated in trial that apple by producing ipad, tablet and macbook had therefore infringed the intellectual property rights of virnetx. Apple thereafter received more than 30 patents. Apart from those patents, apple was also granted with design patent. Apple had also sued the Samsung electronics co., ltd. for copying its design for the Samsung’s Android phones and tablets, which  included the products like Nexus S,galaxy s 4G, epic 4G thereby apple brought suit  for patent infringement,  infringement of trademark, also for putting false information regarding the origin of the product  against Samsung electronics co., ltd. Apple had also brought in evidence to the court by producing the side by side image of the apple’s iphone 3Gs and Samsung’s i9000 galaxy s. On October 2011 apple and Samsung had on going 19 cases in 10 countries. However apple had won the suit in US; the jury awarded compensation worth $1.049 billion and zero damages to Samsung in its counter suit. Samsung had won the suit in Korea and Japan, on June 2012 apple succeeded in bringing the preliminary  injunction against  Samsung from selling or importing  any of the Samsung products which had infringed apple’s patent and trademark rights all those products even Samsung galaxy nexus was inclusive of all was barred from entering into the US however a trail thereafter which was appealed by Samsung  it was found that Samsung nexus did not appear to infringe the apples patent rights, therefore the preliminarily injunction was removed on October 11, 2012.

Priyanka S Kumar
School of Law Christ University,

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