Arizona signs into law ban on funding Planned Parenthood

LegalIn what was another blow to the Planned Parenthood group the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer signed into law another act aimed at cutting of funding from the giant. This time it’s in the name of preventing the funnelling of taxpayers’ money directly or indirectly into funding abortions. The act aims at preventing the funding granted to Planned Parenthood clinics and family planning organizations that also offer abortions even for non abortion services. As it is the state has a preventive law in place in the form of a ban on state funded abortions except if the mother’s life is in danger. Now the new law prevents women from the lower strata of society seeking preventive measures and family planning aid even from organizations that offer abortions.

Planned Parenthood funding law ban by Arizona

While on one hand it makes sense that the taxpayers money should not go into funding abortions it does not make sense to implement this law. Because this law prevents thousands of underprivileged women to get safe and sanitary health checkups and disseminates family planning awareness and provides preventive measures apart from abortion. As there is already a law preventing the state funding of planned abortions this law seems more oppressive that assuring the proper use of tax money. Officials at Planned Parenthood the state’s largest abortion provider say that this will prevent poorer women from getting state funded cancer screenings, birth control and basic health care.

While there is a good deed in attempting to prevent abortions it is a great deal worse to denying health care to the women of lower strata who cannot afford to purchase their care for themselves. Whatever be the explanation citizens whether men or women must be provided basic health care and bills like these aim at reducing the chance of that happening.

Arizona signs into law ban on funding Planned Parenthood

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