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Global Intellectual Property Filing

WIPO reports Huge growth in Global IP filing

WIPO logo Global IP filing has increased by 7.8 % during the year 2011. It was 7% growth than the previous year. WIPO news reports says that the Utility model filing increased by 35 %, Industrial design filing increased by 16 % and trademark filing increased by 13.3 percentage.

Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO revealed that there is a continued uncertainty in Global economy, Intellectual property performs well. While evaluating the number of applications for intellectual property protection around the world.

Carsten Fink, Chief Economist in WIPO said that they observed a high growth rate in Intellectual Property filing during last year especially in the number of second filing connected with patent. It is due to the large number of involvement in international or global businesses In order to protect their inventions. The rapid growth rate is mainly due the engagement of more countries to international businesses. Most of them are aiming operations in larger number of countries.

Francis Gurry reported that China’s patent office became the largest in the world due to huge hike in patent applications and resources. He has reported that in the year of 2011 more than 2.14 million patent applications were filed. WIPO reported that China received 526,000 patent applications, United States patent office received 530,000 and Japan become the 3rd position received 342,000.

WIPO revealed that top 20 patent offices in the world experienced a high growth rate in patent applications. They reported a large number of unprocessed patent applications as 4.9 percentages. In the year of 2011 the number of unprocessed patent applications was 4.8 million.

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