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Obama’s health care plan problems

Is Obama’s Health Care Plan accessible to Average American Citizen

Obama’s Health Care made with a perspective to provide Medicaid to average American health care system i.e. for citizen who are below federal poverty line. But still there are certain looms that overhauls this project. People are now analyzing it in perspectives with respect to their own convenience. The three major criteria selected as per polls on consumer views and articles are premium, consumer experience and choice. As per the new policies of this project, the indispensable prospect of this plan is that the insurers won’t be able to turn away the sick. The new policies suggest better benefits but it has been found that the premiums will be higher.

In case of choice of policy, the plan is not likely to provide bunch of options especially to seniors through Medicare. Moreover shopping online for insurance seems biggest risk for the consumer. The passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 by President Barrack Obama’s legislative assembly has paved the division of America into two. Likely to be said that this will roll out only on those states that is ready to go on with Obama’s law while on the other side millions of people will be denied of such coverage from next year just because they are residing in states that are refusing or not supporting the Medicaid expansion law. According to a report there it was figured that 9.7 million out of 15 million are potentially eligible who are low income adults i.e. they come under the federal poverty line resides in states who are dining the expansion or still not decided about it. It is the consequence of the Supreme Court’s decision where it was stated by the honorable bench that every state has the right to deny or refuse the Medicaid expansion. Therefore it is important especially for the political parties to remember that it is not the political parties who are going to suffer but it’s the millions of people who are going to get affected in this long run. If we now take the closer look of every prospect then it is found that it is going to be a financial decision for an average income American adult. The real consequence of this project shall be revealed by the consumers. In a State there is only one insurer who controls half of the market for individual coverage. The Obama administration promises that there shall be at least one new insurer, in three quarter of the market of federal government. Now how much this will matter is remain to be seen. Larry Levitt, the leading expert of non partisan Kaiser Family Foundation says that the individual market for 2014will look a lot like the individual market today. But people will be able to move freely and easily from insurer to insure. He added it to show the competitive pressure. Though there is delay in Obama’ law special provisions have been laid down for the companies that the companies with 50 or more workers are mandate to provide coverage to their full time employees or risk a series of increasing tax penalties if just one worker ends up getting government subsidized insurance. It was supposed to be taken affect on January 2011 but now it has been extended for 2015. This policy is already being adopted by most medium sized and large business already but the thing is that now it must be made mandatory health insurance very low paid workers of the company. Though US is considered to be the nation who can provide free and inexpensive Medicare to its entire population but still there around 16 million people are still not insured and is mostly in age between sixteen to thirty. The proportion of uninsured has been rising steadily since the 1970s.

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