Catholic leaders lash out at gay straight alliance at schools

The Catholic Church in Canada has lashed out against a new law that would force schools run by them to allow Gay Straight alliance groups. The leaders stated that the new law interfere with their rights.

Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, said the legislation “overrides the deeply held beliefs” of Catholics and makes “religious freedom … a second class right.”

The church has consistently held a bigoted view that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered” when most of the scientific and medical community has proved the contrary.

The new law is part of the anti bullying legislation brought by the liberals in response to the suicide of a gay teen from Ottawa. The church has been consistently against the formation of any group in their schools promoting homosexual awareness and tolerance.  The position of the church is putting them on a collision course with the courts. The courts will have to battle out to test the tension between religious freedom and the charter of equality. It is however confusing to note why catholic leaders should have a problem with a group that promotes anti bullying.

Constitutional experts speaking about the denominational rights of the Catholic church stated that such rights ended at the classroom while the charter of equality affects all aspects of school life.

Catholic leaders lash out at gay straight alliance at schools

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