Death penalty upheld by Chinese court to Mekong pirates

Chinese court upholds death penalty for Mekong Pirates

United Nations LogoThe Chinese upper court rejected the appeal of four alleged pirates from Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, a Chinese court earlier who were awarded death sentences by a lower court. Naw Kham, one of the key accused is a drug lord and ring leader. Charged with homicide, hijacking, abduction and drug trafficking, the four pirates had killed almost 12 Chinese sailors brutally, whose bodies were discovered by Thai officials after they boarded two Chinese cargo ships that had come under gunfire. They had been gagged and killed.

The court also ordered the pirates to pay 6 million Yuan ($960,000) as compensation. There had been a detailed and extensive discussion regarding the jurisdiction and case between the governments of China, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, all of whom decided to cooperate with each other. The incident which happened in Oct, 2011 has now been brought to justice. High sea piracy and killings have become a frequent menace. Jurisdiction between the countries is the main issue on line. China is one of the few countries which has highest rate of death penalties and has not abolished it. With the four pirates been given death sentence, United Nations might certainly interfere but china is firm to hang those who murder on high sea.

Shalini Singh,
Gujarat National Law University,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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