Don’t Kill the debate urges Amartya Sen

The role of the Parliament is to protect the constitutional rights and to pass the necessary bills for the protection and well being of its people.

Amartya Sen urges to pass Food Security Bill

Food security bill

Over the years however this has not been the case. The latest reports suggest that the parliament has been quite ineffective lately as it had only worked for 73 days in a year in 2011 in comparison to the 127 days in the 1950s.

Even when the parliament is in session, the opposition parties seem to disrupt it by storming out, calling names and using foul language.

Amartya Sen has asked the Indian opposition parties, at a recent press conference organized by civil society groups, urging the urgent necessity of passing legislation such as National Food Security Bill, whistle blower legislation and Grievance Redressal Bill, to be responsible and discuss the issues instead of disrupting it.

He said that ‘Killing the debate’ raised a suspicions that the opposition parties were weak were ‘not interested’ in the meeting held.

The Nobel laureate expressed his anguish at the functioning of the Parliament and said that the people were losing faith in the biggest institution of democracy.

Amartya Sen has also stated that he was he was not happy with the Ordinance route for the  Food Security bill as being suggested in the UPA Government and said the best would have been its passage from an informed debate.

He also pointed out that the bills like the Food security bill was ‘stuck’ because of the disruptions. These bills are important as they could lead to the ‘substantial enhancement’ of the entitlements.

Later at the press conference development economist Jean Dreze, stated the importance of social legislation which were being held up by political paralysis for which some political parties bear some responsibility.

Nikhil Dey of National Campaign for People’s Right to Information further stressed the importance for a successful implementation of the Grievance Redressal Bill and urged the support from all the political parties was essential for it to happen. He further added that people “cannot wait” any longer for this bill, which is closely linked to their survival.

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