Ex US President shooter’s release to be decided

The future of John Hinckley Jr., the shooter of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 is to be decided today. The trial of Mr. Hinckley had ended with the jury deciding in his favour. He has been a patient of a mental hospital since 1982 and a federal judge is to decide as to whether or not he is to be released from the hospital. The jury is said to have decided in his favour by reason of insanity.

The prosecution has been fighting for non release of Hinckley as they claim that he is very dangerous and has also been very deceptive about his activities outside. Hinckley’s attorneys are trying very hard for his release and strongly oppose the prosecutions claim of Hinckley being a danger.

Mental Health experts as well as the secret service agents are said to be testifying along with Hinckley’s mother and brother. It is not clear as to how the judge would pass a ruling in this case.

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