Execution of Afzal Guru: A Flawed Ending

Afzal-Guru-executionAfzal guru was actually the facilitator in the crime and not a part of directly perpetrating the crime, the evidences against him was merely circumstantial and that the policies lied about the time and place of arrest, including the fabricated evidence against him was also circumstantial with the arrest memos and the extracted false confessions. Court even had noted that he wasn’t the member of any banned organization. Moreover the conviction under Section 3(2) of POTA is set aside because there is no evidence that he is a member of the terrorist organization. The Presidential rejection of his mercy petition recently is nothing but has again given rise to heavy causalities which might shake the entire nation and seems that the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if the capital punishment is awarded to the offender. So does it mean that the punishment is being given to satisfy the collective national conscience? Or one must add what is presented as this conscience is the consciousness of  the section of dominant middle classes.

The worst fallout of Afzal Guru being hung is that the real truth will always remain buried in the shoddy investigation and the real culprits may not be apprehended at all, who so ever they are. Mere being guided by the Islam phobia is no guarantee for the correctness of the story of the prosecution and the death penalty that he has been awarded.

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