Feds file law suit against Sheriff Arpaio

Sheriff Joe ArpaioThe feds, on Wednesday sent the Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County the notice of intent to file civil action. The civil action is based on the claims of mistreatment of the Hispanics in the county. The Justice Department accused Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office of unconstitutional and unlawful actions against the Hispanic community. The complaint said that the Sheriff’s office as well as the sheriff himself engaged in abusing the Hispanic inmates and racial profiling. The lawsuit against the sheriff was the result of the breakdown of negotiations between the Sheriff and the justice department in the appointment of a monitor to oversee the details of the arrests and detentions. This is only the second lawsuit resorted to by the Department after discussion and negotiation failed. The department of justice has maintained that the office of Sheriff Arpaio has acted and tried for bad faith and put the settlement talks in jeopardy. The Justice department has said that the Sheriff’s office had engaged in dividing the people on the basis of their skin colour and race and thus been operating outside the laws of the nation.

Law suit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

While Sheriff Joe Arpaio the country’s self claimed toughest sheriff has said that ‘he will fight to the bitter end. He said that a series of meetings were scheduled to discuss the allegations. But the Department gave him an ultimatum over the appointment of a monitor. The sheriff office has made clear that they have no intentions of giving power over to the monitor. They further said that appointment would obviate the need for a sheriff and that the monitor would take over the powers of the office entirely. Sheriff Joe Arpaio called an emotional press conference later where he continued to forcefully denounce the transfer of power to ‘Obama’s government’ and the Justice Department.

The lawsuit has covered the following details;

  1. Discriminatory and unconstitutional practices against the Hispanics
  2. Unfair practices followed in jails against the Hispanics
  3. Subjecting perceived critics to baseless allegations and cooked up suits
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