Google faces FTC investigation in Safari Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission is conducting an investigation on the Google’s actions in bypassing the default privacy settings of Apples Safari browser for Google customers. It is clear that negotiations are going on in between the company and the government.

According to various sources it is clear that within the next 30 days, the search engine giant will be asked to pay huge sum of money as compensation, ie larger than what have been put up by the Federal Communications Commission in the Safari case. The FCC funded the search engine giant $25,000 after finding that the search giant in a 2010 privacy breach involving Street view cars.

The FTC will see whether Google violated the terms in an existing settlement involving privacy problems. Claudia Bourne Farrell, FTC spokeswoman was not ready to comment upon the Safari case. Google entered into an agreement with the FCC last year, accordingly Google agreed to undergo 20 years review of its privacy policy and Google also promised not to misrepresent its privacy policies to its customers. Google did not pay fine nor acknowledge breaking the law.

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