Google privacy policy urges for new privacy law

Google-new-privacy-policyGoogle’s new privacy policy makes Google access a user’s online behavior across search, mail, docs, YouTube, Blogger and other services. This privacy policy had increased the need for India to have an explicit law on privacy as in spite of Unique Identity project and pervasive phone tapping, India is not taking any step towards enacting a privacy law.
France’s online data protection regulator is now conducting research on whether Google’s new privacy policy is violating any European Laws on protecting privacy. Indian Information Technology law provides that the online service providers should have declared privacy policy, but the law is not laying down what the policy should be.

Piracy Law, if passed will make it possible for Indian Government to communicate with google clearly on what it thinks is acceptable behavior on online privacy. The problem is with the collection of personal information whether it is violating consumer rights. Law must mandate online service providers to give the users an option to opt for data collection. Further for those users who opt for data collection should be provided an option on what kind of data needs to be collected.

Google urges for new privacy policy law

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