Illegal Migration is not a problem for the legal Migrants

illegal migrationImmigration has been a main issue raised by the candidates in the US presidential primaries, chiefly in the states with more number of undocumented immigrants. However, in New York, there are millions of legal migrants. The state also witnessed huge support from the Republican Voters to presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, who took a tough stance on illegal migration.

Illegal immigrants opposing the Bill

The bill which is before the US senate called the dream act proposed a new step towards citizenship for young illegal immigrants, who have finished their high schools or serving the military. But many are opposing this bill.

Romney said that he hate people who are coming illegally to the country and will also sue those employers who are giving work to illegal migrants.

The Barack Obama Government has deported a large number of illegal aliens i.e. which amounts to about 40,000 per year, and new study reveals that the number of illegal aliens are declining in US.

Political observers is of the view that this will likely affect the election and it is likely to be true that the large number of legal immigrants in the state will likely vote for Obama in the coming election.

JT Mallonga, who is a Filipino American immigration attorney, reported that the critics are of the opinion that the illegal aliens are violating the laws, and getting American jobs, and so they must be deported. He also said that it is not possible to deport all the 12 millions nor it is possible to jail the entire 12 million.

Illegal Migration is not a problem for the legal Migrants

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