Is someone listening

Yeah! As an addition to the huge list of taxes UK government has imposed taxes for ‘spare bedroom’ you hold in your social living house. It might sound a little ridiculous but I am forced to say that, we pay tax for everything in and around expect for our “life”.

Social workers and middle aged family members are protesting against the government on this issue.

This matter is challenged in the Court. Government claim this as ‘a spare room subsidy’ but local language goes as ‘bed room tax’. The grounds from the people and other anti bedroom tax activists for discouraging this so called ‘tax’ are quite serious as they raise the question of equality and humanitarian grounds. Whereas UK government proceeds with this tax on legal grounds.

Besides all this mindset of lay men in the state are still confused what is the exact reason behind imposing this tax? This remains unanswered.

This is an informal tug of war between legal, moral, ethical, social thinking’s of the state. At the end of the day all the above mentioned grounds are to be taken up with due respect for a smooth functioning of a state.

People, who have spare rooms in social housing, lost 14% of their housing benefit if they have one bed room and 25% if they have two or more when the tax policy was introduced.

Tears roll off our eyes when we hear that a 53 year old lady has committed suicide after losing her house. The irony is she was offered a house 6 miles away from the city, as she failed to pay taxes for the spare bedrooms.

Other citizens around United Kingdom also fears that even their government may adopt ‘bedroom tax’ If this tax duty flags off successfully in UK.

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