John Edwards legal defense team take off

John EdwardsThe legal team appearing for the Presidential bidder of 2008, John Edwards, opened defence on Monday. After weeks of digging through scandalous confessions of extramarital affairs and love children the court has finally turned to a more serious issue: campaign finance law. The ex presidential candidate has been indicted on 6 felony counts. These included making false statements, conspiracy and on violating campaign contribution laws to which he had already pleaded not guilty.

John Edwards trial begins

John Edwards daughter will also be expected to testify this week although it has not been decided when exactly. Lara Hoggard who supervised the campaigns reporting to the Federal Election Commission said that the FEC had told Edwards that there was no need to report the sums of money. This was confirmed by the FEC former chairman Scott Thomas. Scott Thomas testified in court without the Jury as the prosecution claimed that his testimony was not material to the criminal case at hand. John Edwards further clarified that both the sums of money were not recorded as campaign contributions as they were received for his private use and not to convince a US citizen to vote for him. Both sums of money were intended to protect his wife and children and conceal his mistress and their affair. Edwards accepted that what he did was wrong but not illegal.

Elizabeth Edwards on John Edwards Trial

A former pollster Harrison Hickman testified that Elizabeth Edwards temper could be unmanageable at times. When the news about the affair got onto the papers Mrs Edwards kept insisting that she didn’t want to be humiliated by the incident.  It was to keep from her the secret of the affair that the huge sums of money were accepted. That is why they were never recorded as election campaign sums.

John Edwards trial – Andrew Young said donations are legal

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