Legal bills cost and corruption cases in US

Stop CorruptionMunicipal Corruption and mismanagement cases have consumed a major portion of the state’s budget. From 2005 to 2010 the annual costs on legal bill of California amounts for about 5 % of the general fund budgets. In 2005, former Mayor was convicted of funneling about $500,000 in city contracts to a company which is under his control. After this many other elected officials were convicted for using the public money for personal benefits and in relation to various corruption cases.

Corruption cases swallowing huge amounts from the Californian Coffers

According to Joaquin Mesinas, the people who are engaged in the corrupt practices are the real people who needed to be asked to pay the bill and that there is no need for the state to bear the burden of paying the bill.

In many cases these legal burdens will continue for several years, even after ousting or jailing the convicts.

In another city named Bells near Los Angeles, where many of its administrative and other officials were arrested alleging various corruption charges, the legal bills have consumed almost 6% of annual budgets and according to legal experts this trends may continue for four to five years, which in turn may result in draining the states wealth. But the problem is that many cities are not keeping any proper records of its legal bills.

Legal bills cost and corruption case in US

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