Aggressive and novel legal strategy to deal with cyber fraud

Cyber Fraud dealingCyber crime and fraud is a particularly difficult and potent part of law enforcement to deal with because of its global scale.  The Microsoft digital crimes unit has devised an aggressive legal strategy. This was part of a civil suit that targeted a network of computers that suffered from an infective programme spread known as Zeus. Zeus was a criminal group viral programme that stole information on financial credentials, personal data saved in any computers. Microsoft said that this was just the beginning and that they would continue to target the malicious network. The raid against the computer servers at hosting centres were approved by a federal judge. Microsoft described the strategy as creative to deal with cyber criminals. Relying on existing laws covering trademark infringement and racketeering the federal judge approved the taking down of the network’s command and control servers. The court was completely on board with the strategy. The Zeus network was involved in sending malicious mail with corporate trademarks. It encouraged the victims to download a file which put at risk all their personal and financial information. However, the results of the raid are evident already; there has been a significant reduction in spam using legitimate trademark signs. The numbers have dropped from 11.5 million to 1 million.

Legal strategy to deal cyber frauds

It is important to find strategies like this to deal with such cyber crimes as the cyber world must be made a safer place. With more economies and commerce increasingly relying on the internet it is pertinent for the law to take more concrete action in this regard.

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