Microsoft and Google’s Motorola millions of dollars apart

In the Seattle court, Microsoft Corp and Google Inc’s Motorola phone were having a tough time to decide and negotiate. Authorities have cite that  a decision is most unlikely. The ownership of technology and patent issues has been on a rise. a trial was in progress to settle how much Microsoft must pay Motorola for use of two of its standard, essential patents used in its Xbox game console and other products in November. Microsoft had profusely argued that it should pay no more than $502,000 per year for Motorola’s H.264 video compression patent, and no more than $736,000 per year for Motorola’s 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies, before the judge on Monday. While Motorola submitted a higher payout.  Motorola  in Western District of Washington ,said it was due payment of 2.25 percent of the selling price of Microsoft products such as the Xbox and Windows 7 operating system that use the patents in question.

With no negotiation in sight, as it always is, US District Judge James Robart is expected to rule on the Microsoft Corp. vs. Motorola Inc., 10-cv-1823, early next year.

Shalini Singh,
Gujarat National Law University,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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