Mississippi anti immigrant law died in the US senate

Immigration lawThe controversial Anti Immigrant law passed by Mississippi House of Representatives less than a month before died in the States Senate this week.

The Mississippi bill, if passed would have required the police to check the immigration status of people who are arrested and would have prohibited undocumented immigrants from renewing any kind of business transactions or from obtaining driving licenses and business licenses.

According to Laura Hipp, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeveā€™s spokeswoman, the issues regarding the support for Law of Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act “did not surface until after the bill was sent to the Senate.”

Mary Bower the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the center had warned Mississippi before that it would sue the state if the legislation is enacted; she also said that just because the state has power to pass it does not state that passing it is a good idea.

Alabama, neighboring Mississippi has one of the strictest immigration laws and US Court of Appeals,11th Circuit has further blocked two provisions of the statute i.e. One voiding contracts signed by people in United States without much more documentation and further prohibiting migrants from making transactions.

According to Mark Leggett, president of the Mississippi Poultry Association, it is not mandatory for Mississippi to do what neighboring Alabama and Georgia has done .recently weeks witnessed huge number of oppositions from various arenas and reasons.

Mississippi anti immigrant law died

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