Mom’s legal battle to keep children

MomEarlier today, in Queensland, Australia a mom requested a family court to urgently intervene to prevent her daughters from being sent to Italy to live with their abusive father. The same court had on a previous occasion ruled that the four girls aged between 9 and 14 be sent to Italy to live with their father.  Their mother had brought them to Australia in 2010 without their fathers consent. To prevent the proceedings the mother had filed a last minute stay application, while the four girl’s great aunt brought in a separate application. Now the whereabouts of the girls are currently unknown. They are said to be in hiding with her great grandmother and their mother claims she does not know where they are. It is clear that the girls cannot go into hiding without adult help and that it is being done to prevent them from being taken to Italy. The Department of Communities said that it could also not grant any assurance that on production of the children at court they could hold off ‘putting the children on the plane’ given the outstanding court order. The children’s father who also did not want to be named arrived in Australia today from Italy. Judge Forrester said he would pronounce a judgement at 2:15pm. But, he added, in the meanwhile as the girl’s father was in town the family should find a way to negotiate forward.

Legal battle by mom to keep children

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