Mother strangled her Son to death

Zou, a young mother of age 19 had strangled her son to death at Fuji, Japan. Reports state that, the mother had broadcasted her actions of strangling her son to death online. On investigating her mother-in-law about this incident she stated that, her son and Zou were too young to marry and had already lived today and had a son last year. She also said that the young couple shared a good relation and were quiet happy with their life and this incident comes around like shocking news. It was stated that when the young couple used to go for work, they used to leave the baby with his grandmother. However post 2 weeks of this incident taking place a strange behavioral pattern had been noticed from side of the baby boy’s mother, Zou. She would never let anyone touch her son. On the day of this incident, when Zou tried strangling her son and realized that he could not be saved, she called the ambulance and later informed the police about the same. The police on further investigation found out that, a family conflict had however resulted to coming of this incident. Zou, confessed before the police officer that, she had committed this offence in order to get revenge over her husband and mother-in-law as she was unhappy living with them. Zou, further stated that, her husband did not care about their son and had arguments on a daily basis regarding this matter. She also confessed that her act of strangling her son was broadcasted over theWWW.QQ.COM site live. Further investigations into this matter are however carried on.

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