Nas loses his property due to foreclosure

NasIn spite of having a sixth number one album, “Life is Good”, the world famous rapper Nasir Jones popularly known as Nas’ of the International Music Industry is facing quiet a turbulent time with respect to maintaining his financial matters. The New York star lost his house at Georgia which he bought way back in 2004 costing $585,000 which comprises of 2 bedroom and 3 bath pads to foreclosure. This house was later sold at a price of $348,500 by means of public auction as he could not meet the debt mounting to $507,000 due to Sun Trust Bank. The 3,500 sq. ft home features a pool and a hot tub, granite counter-tops, custom theatre, gym and game room. Evidences state that till date only his house has been up for auction.

However Nas has not stated his opinions or even counter argued any point regarding such a foreclosure before the media.

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