Oracle gets partial win in Oracle Java vs Google Android case

Google vs OracleIn the copyright violation case filed against Google by Oracle, the verdict came out in favour of Oracle; in the first of what could be a three-chapter legal battle.  The courts have said that Google has violated the copyright laws when it employed Java APIs to design its Android operating system. It was held that Google had violated the overall structure of the software copyrights held by Oracle but had not violated other parts like Java. While this victory is a partial win for Oracle it doesn’t seem like Oracle is in for a huge sum in lieu of damages, with respect to the copyright infringement case.

Oracle Java vs Google Android

Google has claimed the defense of ‘fair trial’ and has asked for mistrial. While it is accepted that Google had infringed the copyrights of Oracle it has yet to be decided whether it constitutes an acceptable level of ‘fair use’ as has been claimed by Google. The opposition said that copyright protection did not contemplate the functional computer programming but what can be created with such functional programming languages. Oracle says that every major commercial enterprise has a license for Java but Google does not because that would make Oracle influential in the next versions of Android and Google wants to avoid this. At the end of the day Oracle may receive only a modest payment for the infringement which Google claims is minor. The setback for Google is however that it may need to get a license for Java from Oracle for future purposes.

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