Robert Vadra and the DLF Scam

Robert Vadra in DLF scamAn interesting investigation will be up for record with the activities involved in by Robert Vadra, Son-in-Law of the Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi and DLF builders. History states that Mr. Vadra had bought 41- premium apartments from DLF builders and subsequently sold them at profit as and when the demand for these apartments went up. It was stated that these apartments were sold and acquired by the companies promoted by him, one among which was Sky Light Hospitality. It is to be noted that this activity of buying and re-selling between 2007 and 2011 were mainly confined only to the three districts in India, were the Congress Party had their rule i.e. namely Rajasthan, Haryana and New Delhi where the DLF Projects were under construction. However the question that arises over here is that, how did Mr. Vadra purchase 41 apartments from DLF at a price for 300 Crores when his capital was amounting to just Rs. 50 Lakhs. Further it was stated that DLF had advanced loans to Mr. Vadra without taking any collateral and were considered to be completely unsecured. When Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Prashant Bhushan brought up this issue to lime light, huge hue and cry were present by Sonia Gandhi (President of the Congress Party), Salman Khurshid (Union Law Minister),  Ambika Soni (Minister of Information & Broadcasting), Rajeev Shukla and Manish Tiwari (Congress Spokesperson) alleging that all the charges brought up against Mr. Vadra are false. Further DLF also denied any wrongdoing and stated that all there dealing with Mr. Vadra was clean and no unsecured loan but a mere advance was what was given to Mr. Vadra from their behalf. However when Mr. Vadra was questioned with regards to this matter, he kept quiet. This silence of Mr. Vadra on his duty to speak however draws our attention that there is something more to be investigated with regards to this matter before a clear cut solution could be reached upon.

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