Smart Communication Devices (Ipad) Claim the title PC

The recent smart telecommunication device what we call ipads are been designated as Personal Computer by Microsoft. In the conference held in the heart of Microsoft a number of i-pads and tablets has been traced. But everybody recognized it as a PC rather than a PM (Personal Mobile).  The evergreen reason that they point out is the identical features and facilities given by both the devices. So the question mark arises here!! Whether the patent rights given for i-pads are curtailed by the title “PC” which was already in the market in 1970s.

Personal mobiles and personal computers are theoretically different. Even though they offer ipso facto identical facility, they are different by nature. Personal computers are the general purpose computers equipped with a micro processor and designed to run especially commercial software for an individual user. Literal sense of man identifies i-pad as a PC. The confusion here has rose due to the technological development.

With respect to patent, PC and i-pads are different due to its structural difference which imposes the novel character in i-pad that rang its patent approval. Let us wait and see the old locus of telecommunication devices inside the wide area of PC develop to that extent where PC and laptops vanished from the social tongue.tele-device-pc-usage

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