Tennessean bill on evolution to become legislation

Tennessean FlagBill Haslam, the governor of Tennessee said that he will allow the bill which protects teachers who allowed students of their classrooms to criticize evolution and other scientific theories become law. He further said that law will take into action without his signature because the law will not have any effect on the scientific standards currently being tutored in its public schools.

The supporters of the bill are of the opinion that the legislation will truly help the students to think critically. Tennessee has in its account the credit for hosting the nation’s biggest legal battle over evolution which was fought nearly 90 years ago. Whereas the critics is of the view that the bill is a monkey bill and is of the view that evolution is still under attack.

Last week governor received a petition from the people with 3,000 signatures urging him to veto the legislation. Some even contended that this legislation will pave a way towards religious teaching in school.

The backers of the bill is of the view that bill is enacted would encourage critical thinking among the students and will protect teachers from discipline.

Scientists in Tennessee and the American Association for the Advancement of Science are of the view that science and evolution is a proved one and that should not be taught in controversy.

American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee executive director Hedy Weinberg is of the view that the new legislation will undermines the scientific education in Tennessee public schools. The American Civil Liberties Union chapter had already asked the Tennessee governor to veto the bill.

Tennessean bill on evolution to become legislation

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