Time doesn’t wait for anyone – says Apple

Apple clockApple Company has highlighted the need, importance and value of time by cancelling a job offer to a person who forgot to reply to his e-mail sent to him by the company. Mr. Unfortunate, as one can call him is Mr. Nicholas Allegra, commonly known as Comex. He was hired by Apple after gaining fame with the JailBreakMe, a website that simplified the process of removing Apple-installed protections from phone, a practice to which Apple opposes to have been carried out. When Apple hired him as an intern in August 2011, Allegra was found to be a high profile member of the Jailbreaking community who regularly published security vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS software.

Apple however ended this 20 year old Brown University student employment last week. The e-mail sent to him to which he failed to respond was an offer to extend his employment tenure with Apple as a remote intern. Allegra, after not responding to the original e-mail came to know that his job offer had been rescinded. He said that, he wasn’t too happy with this move by Apple and also said that no chances were there to fix such an act that just occurred.

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