U.K. public sectors take to the streets.

Over 2 million public sector workers which included nurses, doctors, teachers and border guards took to the streets on Wednesday to protest against the pension reforms put forward by the government.

Pension contributions have been raised by an average of 3.2% of the salary. This has been done to help equalize the contributions coming in and the benefits being paid out. The British Prime Minister David Cameroon said that these reforms have been introduced to reduce the country’s 967 billion pound debt. He considers the offer made to be a very fair and reasonable one.

The Public sector workers strike is seen as the largest since the 1979 ‘Winter of Discontent’. The government claimed that the strike on Wednesday did not have any significant impact and that the major public sector services remained open. London’s Heathrow airport which was expected to be majorly affected by the strike remained largely unaffected as civil servants and even Downing Street staff stood in for the striking officers.

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