UK Government website attacked by hackers

UK Government website hackedThe website of UK Government was hit with a hacking attack, making it out of action for several hours.  It was the website of home office or interior ministry of Britain.  Users continued to face problems in accessing the site and a message “page not found “was displayed. A famous hacking group named Anonymous has posted in twitter that it had attacked the website and there would hack attacks on websites of British Government every Saturday.

The group had launched a denial of service attack popularly called the DOS attack. A DOS attack normally is used for disrupting the traffic or normal operations of a website. It is generally executed using a system to launch infinite requests to a website thereby flooding the normal limit or bandwidth. Since, the normal limit is exceeded with requests beyond its capacity it cannot handle such requests. Thus the website gets blocked and cannot be accessed, thereby causing disruption to regulate business activities and legitimate requests.

DOS attacks performed by using several systems or networks are termed as distributed denial of service attack, popularly called DDOS attacks. They have a more devastating effect since they use more systems.  Estonia attack can be a leading example of DOS, DDOS attacks in the recent times. The reports say that the DDOS attacks were launched against the government websites.  The spokesperson of Home Office told that they were aware of online protests and was not willing to comment further.

However, there is no proper information in concerning online protests as there are different messages posted in twitter regarding the same. One of the messages states it is regarding surveillance of emails, the other states it is over extradition from UK to US.

The British Government stated that it was a public website and had no sensitive information in it. The Anonymous is emerging into a group which aims to block government surveillance and policing over the web and internet.  The recent update provides that the website has been patched and now is accessible by public.

UK Government website attacked by hackers

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