USA must follow international law in Iran nuclear plans

US International LawUSA and Israel is on a move to start military strikes against Israel but the critics is of the view that the countries should move according to International Law.

The Israeli leadership is of the view that if the diplomatic talks fail, then an attack on Iran will come within months. In spite of this not much recognized heated discussion is happening over the legal grounds for a US or Israel attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program. The threat of military strikes is very important.

Legal experts- USA must follow international law in Iran nuclear plans

According to US President Barack Obama, if the sanctions fail in persuading Tehran to give up it’s enriched Uranium, than the US will opt for a military option. Anyway Iran is manufacturing Nuclear weapons. Iran has made statements pointing out that the ultimate aim of Iran is to kill Israelis and for this purpose they are creating Nuclear weapons.

Intelligence agencies is on a serious move to find out whether Tehran is on a move to develop a nuclear weapon on both sides of Atlantic considering the logic of bombing Iran, the legal authorities are planning  to construct a legal case against the attack if it happens

According to Alan Dershowitz, a renowned jurist and Israeli supporter the US and Israel can invoke a long standing right provided under the category of self defense in the customary international law and Article 51 of United Nations Charter.

Some others is of the view that the legal grounds has been already invoked as Iran sponsored terrorism organization has already attacked USA and Israel.

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