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A limited liability company (LLC) is an accepted business form in all US States. It is an independent legal structure separate from their owners. And it separates ones personal assets with the business debts. It is taxed similarly to a sole proprietorship (if one owner) or a partnership (if multiple owner). It is governed by the Limited Liability Company statutes, formation document and Limited Liability Company (LLC) operating agreements. The owners of an LLC are called members rather than partners or shareholders, the members are drawn upon an operating agreement. And there is no limit to number of owners. And there is no requirement to hold annual meetings or record minutes. There are certain demerits as well in having a LLC, as it cannot engage in corporate income splitting to lower tax liability and it cannot issue stocks as well.


Draft a business plan
A business plan serves as a blueprint to all aspects of the business, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Also, it will help to understand market analysis, organization and management, and the funding required. More
Choose a name for the business
There can be variations in the name of LLC but it is wise enough to add LLC in the name of the firm to send an indication as to the firm is registered and doesn’t violate any trademark. More


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Determine the members of the LLC

It should be decided whether the company is a member managed or manager managed determining the members will help in understanding their duties and liabilities. Submit the articles of organization form to the Secretary of State along with the appropriate filing fee. The articles contain such information as the name of the Limited Liability Company, the names of the managers or members, and the name and address of the registered agent. There may be an annual, biennial, or other renewal fee thereafter as well as franchise taxes depending on the state you are forming your LLC. In some states you will file a certificate of organization currently states like Iowa and Idaho require a Certificate of Organization to be filed, instead of Articles of Organization. Have a separate bank account. Get an employer id for the LLC, even if you do not plan on hiring any employees, you should still obtain an Employer ID (Tax ID) for the LLC. Create an operating agreement for the Limited Liability Company (LLC) An operating agreements sets out all of the decisions about the business, including member responsibilities and duties, how profits and losses are distributed to the members, and the effect on the LLC if a member dies, leaves, or is asked to leave and this is not filed with the state, instead it is kept in the office File form 8832 entity classification election to be taxed as a corporation. If you plan to file the LLC taxes as a sole proprietorship (one member) or partnership (more than one member), you do not need to file this form. If you want to file LLC taxes as a corporation, you will need to complete this form.

A foreign person can form a corporation or Limited Liability Company in the United States of America. In many states, one person can hold all corporate positions and titles, including director, president, secretary and treasurer. That person or persons need not be residents of the United States and can conduct business from outside of the United States. In some states, you may need to provide certain information about your company's owners prior to incorporating or forming your business.

Company Registration

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